If you are working on designing ads, custom signs, or logos for your business, color can be one of the most important choices you make. To help you choose the right colors we have put together a list of colors and how they affect your clients.

Red – A highly visible color that we have been mentally trained to stop and look at due to items like Stop signs. Great for real estate signs.

Orange – Minus the stopping power of red, orange is also highly visible and vibrant. Orange is often associated with promoting happiness and contentment. It is believed that orange helps expensive products seem more reasonable.GalleryPic8

Yellow – The most visible color to the human eye as it is the first color the human eye processes. This makes yellow attention grabbing. Much like our minds have been trained to spot the use of red in stop signs, yellow is often used in road signs for construction. Yellow is a great color for a cheerful and optimistic sign.

Green – Green creates a feeling of welcomeness and is often associated with nature, money, and comfort. Do not use a yellow/green for food ads, as it is an appetite suppressant.

Blue – Looking to create a calming and trustworthy environment? Blue is your color. Blue is adorned by both men and women, making it a great color for logos. Like a yellow/green, blue is also an appetite suppressant.

Purple – Often associated with luxuriousness, creativity, and sophistication, purple is the perfect color for many different businesses. Purple can be difficult for some people to see. If you’re looking for high end, purple may be just what you need.

Brown – An earth tone that is regarded as comfortable and solid, the color brown is perfect for health food, coffee houses, and lumber stores.

Black – Symbolizing reliability, elegance, and power, black never goes out of style. For both b2b and trendy shops, black can be great to display your sensibility or attitude.

White – Like a fresh snowfall, white is associated with purity and freshness, making it perfect for dry cleaners, bridal shops, and cleaning services.

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